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16 October 2008 @ 08:02 pm
The Arrangement  
Title: The Arrangement
Author: mizu17
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone.
Rating: PG (for now)
Genre: AU
Pairings: Various Pairings
Fandoms: SJ, DBSK, SNSD, WG, SHINee, etc.
Summary: Leeteuk's father just made an announcement and the Jung siblings could not beleive it.

Previous: Chap 1

"Hyung, is appa talking about Heechul-hyung and Ryeowook-hyung?" Taemin asked as Leeteuk parked his car on their parking space. Leeteuk, Taemin and Sunye got out of the car and the eldest activated the alarm system.

"No Taemin-ah. Appa is talking about their friends way back in their college days. I actually don't remember them much." he answered. "I was three and we just visited Yunho in the hospital when I met them. And that was a brief meeting since it was by chance when Appa saw them."

"Appa said they're also business partners, right? Why haven't we seen them before in parties?" Sunye asked.

"That's because they're not in Seoul." Sooyoung said as she, Sungmin and Yunho approached them. "I asked Umma earlier."

"Let's talk about this later okay? We're going to be late if we don't get a move on." the eldest of the Jung siblings said. The rest nodded and went their seperate ways into the Seoul Star International School.

Once Taemin and Sunye stepped onto the high school hallway, Taemin found himself being hugged tightly and someone petting his head. "K-Key-hyung, Onew-hyung, it's good to see you guys again."

"My little Taeminnie! Umma missed you so much!" Key exclaimed and released the youngest member of their group from his hug and began to check his entire body. "How was your summer vacation? Did you have fun at the beach? Did anyone bully you there? Because if someone did, I'll rip there arms out."

"You're overexagerating again, Key." Onew said as Sunye giggled. It never ceases to amuse her whenever she sees her youngest brother's friends. Onew and Key greeted the second Jung daughter.

"You don't need to worry, Key-ah. It's not like anyone has the will power to bully our Taeminnie here." she said, "He's just too cute for his own good!" she said as she pinched Taemin's cheek.

"Sunye-noona!" Taemin exclaimed as he rubbed his sore cheek.

"Mianhe, Taeminnie-ah!" Sunye said with a sheepish smile on her lips. Before anybody could react, someone bumped into the youngest of the group that sent him to floor with a thud. Taemin winced slightly at the impact. Sunye and Key immediately got angry. "Hey!"

"Aren't you forgetting something?!" Key shouted but the boy kept on walking. "Hey! We're talking to you!"

The boy stopped as Onew and Minho helped Taemin stand up. The boy, who was slightly taller than Taemin, stopped and turned around. He stared at the group for a while then took off his headset. "What?" he asked, slightly annoyed by the sudden interruption.

"You owe my little brother an apology." Sunye said with her no-questions-asked tone. The boy just looked at her with the same annoyed face.

"It's not my fault he's in the middle of the hallway where ANYONE can pass." he answered with a bit of arrogance laced in his tone.

Before anyone could retaliate, Taemin spoke and said, "He's right, I wasn't supposed to stand in the middle of the hallway. I'm really sorry for being in the way."

Taemin bowed to the boy that made Key and Sunye looked at him as if he grew a second head. Minho could've sworn the boy's lips twitched when Taemin straightened his body and smiled sheepishly at him. But it was just a for a split second that Minho passed it off as his imagination. The boy just nodded his head and popped back the headphones in his ears. Key and Sunye were about to go after the boy when Taemin stopped them by grabbing their arms with pleading puppy eyes staring at them. Both of them sighed in defeat and complied.

"You're also too nice for your own good, Taemin." Onew commented. Taemin just smiled at them. Before anyone could say anything further, the bell for first period rang. Sunye and Key gave Taemin a look that clearly states that they WILL be talking to him about it.

Heechul waved his hands and called out Leeteuk's name in a very loud voice. If he had been in any public place, people would be staring at him by now and any normal person with him would have been embarass. But in SSIS, this was a normal occurence and Siwon has been used to it by now. Even in ANY public place. Leeteuk approached the two with a tray in hand and a person they've never seen before in tow.

"Heechul, how many times have I told not to act that way?" Leeteuk said exasperatedly as he set his tray on the their table.

"Save your mothering for someone who actually listens." Heechul said indignantly which earned him a frown from Leeteuk. He ignored him and directed his attention to the figure behind him. "And what's the name of the stray cat you have there?"

"Hyung, why do you always refer people as cats?" Siwon asked but was ignored as well.

"Oh! How rude of me. Guys, this is Hankyung. He's from China. He just transferred in our school this year. He's also in 3rd year. The dean asked me to show him around since he's new and he's actually in some of my classes." He introduced then turned to Heechul with a stern look on his face, "And you better be nice to Hankyung."

"Yah! I'm ALWAYS nice!" the redhead said indignantly. "Aren't I always nice, Siwon?"

Before Siwon could reply, Yesung and Ryeowook came. "Who's always nice?" Yesung asked with a grin on his face. Ryeowook sighed, knowing that this will not end well. Especially when they both knew Heechul was the one who spoke.

"Hyung, Yesung-hyung didn't mean anything by that." Ryeowook said before a shouting match could occur like it normally does. He immediately averted their attention to the oldest of the group and the newcomer. "Leeteuk-hyung, who's he?"

"This is Hankyung. He's just transferred here from China." he introduced once more.

"Hi! My name is Li Xiu." Ryeowook said in Chinese. Hankyung smiled and began to rapidly talk in Mandarin. Ryewook smiled sheepishly at him and said, "Ah...Sorry Hankyung-sshi, that's the only thing I know in Chinese."

Hankyung also gave him a sheepish smile and spoke in Korean, "Ah. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that."

"He speaks Korean?" Siwon asked with one eyebrow raised.

"I just said he was from China. I didn't say he ONLY speaks Chinese." Leeteuk said followed by his famous high pitched laugh.

"Wookie!!" Sungmin exclaimed as he latched onto his bestfriend. "I missed you!!" He exclaimed. The bunny boy released the other when a reprimanding look came his way from his oldest brother and gave his brother a sheepish smile. His attention went to the person standing beside his eldest brother. "Who's he?"

But before Leeteuk introduced Hankyung for a thrid time, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong came and it looks like Shindong won in some game once more considering EunHae's long faces. They too, noticed the newcomer and Leeteuk motioned he'll introduced him as soon as their group is complete. He's getting tired of introducing Hankyung over and over again. He did a head count and noticed two more were not present. But right on cue, Kibum and JooMyuk, better known as, Zhoumi, appeared with ANOTHER boy in tow.

“You’re tormenting the boy, Choi. He’s only in high school for…goodness sake.” Kibum said, careful not to say foul language when he saw the eldest of their group.

“I’m NOT tormenting him. I’m merely being a good hyung and showing him the ropes. He might get lost and we wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we?” he said, openly leering at the oblivious boy in between them. The said boy was frantically darting his head from left to right, obviously looking for someone. His eyes landed to the man just behind Leeteuk and smiled widely.

“GENG-GEGE!!” he called out and bolted towards the man.

Hankyung blinked when his arms became full of a sobbing boy. The Chinese smiled and patted his head. The rest could only blink at the scene before them. “Xiu Huan.” He called out softly. The boy’s head looked up and began talking rapidly in Chinese and English that even Hankyung wasn’t able to understand what he said. Hankyung called out his name once more and the boy immediately stopped talking. Hankyung whispered something in Chinese and the boy nodded, slightly sniffling and stood behind Hankyung with a blush on his cheeks. “I’m sorry about that. My name is Hankyung and this is my baby brother, Xiu Huan.”

The boy behind him puffed his cheeks out which made Sungmin and Ryeowook squeal at the cuteness. “I’m not a baby anymore, gege.” He said in Chinese, glaring at his eldest brother, then in broken Korean he said, “It’s Henry. Easier than Xiu Huan.” He didn’t notice Hankyung’s questioning look.

Siwon’s eyes became wide and immediately went over to HIS own little brother. He forced Zhoumi to bow to the two, assuming at what he heard from the early conversation between Kibum and Zhoumi, his younger brother must’ve done something to make the boy uncomfortably. “I’m SO sorry if Zhoumi did something to Henry. I promise it won’t happen again.” He said with a glare directed to Zhoumi.

“Hey! I didn’t do anything! I was merely showing him around.” Zhoumi said indignantly. “I swear!”

Leeteuk cleared his throat. It was time to introduce the whole lot to Hankyung and Henry. “Now that you’ve introduced yourselves, it’s our turn. Again, I’m Leeteuk, I’m the oldest in this group. The one who was shouting before would be Heechul. (smirked.)” He said as he began to point every person he mentioned, “The one who apologized to you and whom you saw first would be Siwon (smiled) and his brother Zhoumi. Don’t worry Henry, Zhoumi’s all bark but no bite. But if he did something wrong, don’t hesitate to come to me, okay? (“Yah!” Zhoumi shouted but gave Henry his 1000 megawatt smile). Next would be Yesung (“Yo!”), Ryeowook, the one who introduced himself in Chinese (“Ni hao!” waved.), and my own little brother, Sungmin (a bit high pitched “Hiyee!”). Our resident dancers and gamers, Eunhyuk, Yesung’s younger brother (gummy smile and wave), Donghae (spaced out) and the one who’s started eating would be Shindong (nod then continues to eat). Last but not the least, the smartest of the bunch and resident Star Craft War Lord, Kibum (pushes glasses upward). Did I miss anyone? Oh I’ll introduce to you to some of our other friends. Henry you’re in high school, right?”

Henry nodded in response. He understands Korean perfectly; it’s just that, he doesn’t perfectly know how to speak. As if on cue, they heard the distinct sound of the bell. The young Chinese’s eyes went wide in sudden realization. He looked at his watch and immediately hugged his brother. He then bowed hastily at their new friends in apology and ran back to the high school side of the school. “Uhh…Sorry about that, but he’s late for his next class.” Hankyung said.
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panda3035panda3035 on October 16th, 2008 04:16 pm (UTC)
ugg!! totally wanna know whats going to happen soon !!
pinkice231pinkice231 on October 16th, 2008 07:24 pm (UTC)
vic_simvic_sim on October 16th, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
i too want to know what happens next!
korichankorichan on October 17th, 2008 09:12 am (UTC)
I'm quite interested in this, that's a lot of people being thrown together. o.O
Naoimizu17 on October 19th, 2008 01:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah I know ^^;; But I'll manage them all XDDD
korichankorichan on October 24th, 2008 10:47 am (UTC)
Lol, I'm sure you will, and you have my awe for that~ It would drive me insane. o.O