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24 November 2007 @ 05:14 am
Title: Spotlight Dance
Theme: Spotlight
Pairing: Sungmin/Kyuhyun
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything…
A/N: After watching this I just HAD to write something and the theme just fits…kind of XD Oh btw, it’s AU. I also apologize for the fluffiness of my stories ^^;;

Sungmin clapped his hands as the bride and the groom fed each other their wedding cake. He was glad Sooyoung had finally found someone who will make her happy for the rest of her life. He waved at his childhood friend when the girl looked at their table.

“She looks so happy! I want to get married too!” Ryeowook exclaimed clasping his hands together with a dreamy look. Soon, he heard Yesung coughing violently and Ryeowook was immediately patting him on the back.

“I’d give it a year.” Heechul said with his signature smirk on his face. “Living under the same roof would surely let their true colors come out.”

“And this is coming from a guy who’s been living with his lover for more than 2 years already.” Sungmin replied with a smirk of his own. Kibum stayed silent but he had a smile on his face.

“That’s entirely different…” Heechul replied with a huff which made Sungmin raised one fine eyebrow at the redhead. He did not want to start an argument with the princess right now so he just shook his head in exasperation. Sungmin grabbed a glass of wine when he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see a smiling Kyuhyun.

“Should you be drinking?” he asked. Sungmin pouted in response and placed the glass back on the table. Kyuhyun slid into the chair next to Sungmin’s and held his hand underneath the table. Their attention went to the newlyweds when the MC announced the couple’s spotlight dance. Seconds into the dance, Kyuhyun heard Sungmin sigh. He turned to look at the smaller man and saw Sungmin had a small smile forming his lips, staring intently at the dancing couple.

“Is there something wrong, Minnie-ah?” he whispered. Blushing at being caught, Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun and shook his head.

“I’m just happy for Sooyoung, that’s all.” He replied and his attention went back to Sooyoung and her new husband. Kyuhyun continued to look at his bunny and saw something Sungmin’s eyes.


A month passed after the wedding and Sungmin started noticing something wrong when Kyuhyun kept on disappearing on him. He was even arriving late for their dates and giving the same reason over and over again. He tried asking for help from his friends but they all said the same thing.

“Maybe he’s just really busy. He is training to be a surgeon after all.”

He tried putting the ideas at the back of his mind; really he did, but his mind was working overtime whenever Kyuhyun answers a call from his cellphone and immediately excuses himself. Two days of no communication was the final straw for Sungmin and finally broke down on Ryeowook. He had missed the knowing look Yesung gave to Ryeowook.

The next day, Sungmin woke up early and spent his entire time practicing his martial arts at a local dojo until Heechul had to drag him (while protecting his beautiful face) that afternoon for well-deserved spa-treatment courtesy of Heechul’s lover. “Believe me, this is better than sweating yourself. Ugh! You smell bad!” was Heechul’s statement. After that, Heechul dressed him up in the most expensive and stylish white suit he could find after which the red-turned-black haired man took Sungmin to a five star restaurant. He was a bit confuse but figured Heechul was just being his friend. They entered the restaurant and Sungmin had to wonder why the lights were not switched on. He realized a bit too late that Heechul had left him and panic began to creep into his mind. He was starting to feel stupid standing in the middle of the darkness when a spotlight hit him. He saw another spotlight just ahead of him and squinted a bit when he saw a figure emerge from the darkness. Completely forgetting about Heechul, his eyes narrowed when he recognize Kyuhyun wearing a black tux.


Sungmin felt anger well up in his throat and stalked towards Kyuhyun, the spotlight following him. He was definitely going to give him a piece of his mind and wipe that loving smile off his face. Wait? Loving smiling? His anger slowly subsided till he was only feeling irritation when he had reached Kyuhyun. He stood a foot away from him and crossed his arms against his chest. Kyuhyun’s smile did not falter even when his bunny was intensely glaring at him. As soon as Kyuhyun closed the distance between them, the lights switched on and Sungmin was shock to see family and friends surrounding them. He turned to his left and saw both his fathers stood together beside Kyuhyun’s. Kangin’s arm was around Eeteuk’s waist and Hankyung’s arm was linked with Siwon’s. He turned to his right and saw their closest friends. Ryeowook had an apologetic look on his face while Heechul was smirking at him. So this is the reason why Kyuhyun kept on disappearing and why his friends where covering for Kyuhyun. His anger melted as he looked back at Kyuhyun.

“I know I owe you an explanation,” Kyuhyun started as he gently grabbed Sungmin’s hand and placed a ring on his finger, “But would you honor me a dance?”

Sungmin could only nod while smiling brightly at Kyuhyun and hugged him tightly. Everyone cheered for the couple as the lights dimmed and a single spotlight focused on them once more. Music played in the background and the two began to dance.


A/N2: Before anything else, everything was just so tempting that they HAD to be in there XD. I'm sorry though I couldn't fit in EunHae and Shindong. As for Sooyoung, well, she's one of my favorites ^^; Seriously, I couldn't stop smiling when I writing this
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smilex3hehesmilex3hehe on November 24th, 2007 06:53 am (UTC)
so CUTE!!!!!
this is PURE love!! <33333