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01 April 2008 @ 09:24 am
Uzumaki Midori  
Fandom: Harry Potter x Naruto
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, Naruto belongs Masashi Kishimoto, Narita Airport belongs to Japan
Warnings: AU, Yaoi, Mpreg, so much OOCness, Potters-bashing, slightly-manipulative Dumbledore, pro-slytherin, rating might go up in future chapters…
Summary: At 4 he was adopted and brought to Japan. 13 years later, he goes back to where it all started...

Chapter 1: Welcome Home!

“What’s your name little boy?” a woman with blonde hair asked the little boy who sat in the far corner of the room.

“M-my name? I-it’s…” the little boy began but he was cut off by a man with long white hair and a wart on his nose.

“It’s settled, your name will be Midori!” he exclaimed loudly causing some of the other children to be frightened. He was reprimanded by another man with long black-hair and yellow, slit eyes by smacking the white-haired one on the back of his head. “Hey…!”

“Once again, your loudmouth will be causing us trouble.” He said and shook his head, “But I have to agree with you. Midori does fit him. I think it’s better than whatever…”

The blonde glared at him and he cleared his throat. “…they gave you.”

A giggle escaped his lips but he clamped his mouth with his hands as soon as it does because frankly he’s scared of the man with black hair. The woman smiled and ruffled the little boy’s raven locks and said, “Don’t mind him. He’s all bark and no bite. So do you like your new name?”

“A-awe you going to a-adopt me?” he asked, answering a question with another question. He looked up at the three with hopeful eyes.

“Of course we are!” the white haired one said with much enthusiasm which earned him another smack on the head by the black-haired.

“We’re just going to sign some papers at the office then we’re taking you home. Why don’t you pack your things in the meantime?” the blonde haired woman said as she stood up from her crouched position, smiling down at him.

The little boy smiled back shyly and nodded. He was about to leave when he remembered he didn’t know their names. He looked up at them, playing with the hem of his shirt and asked, “C-can I know y-youw names?”

“Sorry we haven’t introduced ourselves. My name is Tsunade. The white haired man who is grinning like a fool would be Jiraiya and the black-haired man who is glaring would be Orochimaru. Now go and pack, ne?”

The little boy nodded once more and exited the room, the three looking at his retreating back. Orochimaru turned around and started to walk to the main office. “Well, that was rather impulsive…”he drawled.

“Admit it, you felt it too!” Jiraiya teased as followed the other man. His grin not even faltering when the other glared daggers at him.

“Baka! Of course I did or I wouldn’t have even stepped foot here if I didn’t.” he hissed angrily. Tsunade walked in between them and glared at them both.

“Would you two stop acting like children?” she spat, “We have to move fast if we want to be there on time.”


The little boy entered the room he was sharing with nine other children. He went over to his bed and got out a cardboard box underneath his bed. He traced his name on the box. “I’ll be Midowi fwom now on.” He whispered with a smile.

I’ll have a home, a family.

He got out a tattered old backpack from the box, one of things he had when he was sent here. He shook his head as he unzipped the bag and went over to the small dresser beside his bed. He got out some clothes and placed them inside the backpack then went back to the box. He pulled out two sketchbooks and some pencils from the box and placed them in the backpack then he zipped up the backpack. After that, he pulled out two stuffed animals from the box, a black dog with a badly stitched back and tail and a brown wolf with only one eye and the left arm was made out of blue cloth.

He tried to tame his unruly hair but to no avail so he left it as it is. He straightened his clothes and put on the backpack. He grabbed the stuffed animals and went back to his corner, waiting patiently for the three to come back.


The three entered the office where they saw a pudgy little nun sitting behind the desk shuffling through paper. The three looked at each other then Tsunade cleared her throat. The nun stopped what she was doing and looked up at them, clasping her hand together.

“What can I do for you three?” she asked slightly eyeing each one of them.

“We want to adopt a little boy, about 4 years old. He has black hair just above his shoulder, the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen and slightly pale complexion. We saw him sitting at the far corner of the playroom just looking at the others.” Tsunade replied.

“Oh you mean little…” the nun began but she was interrupted by Orochimaru who was getting a little impatient.

“Yes, yes, can we please get this thing on? We have other places to go.” He said, clearly not wanting to stay at the orphanage for another second.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple Mr…” the nun tried to explain but she was interrupted once more by Jiraiya this time who was also getting impatient.

“We sign some papers, get Midori’s file and we get Midori. What’s not simple about that?” he asked.

“Look, Sister, we want to adopt him and take him back with us today. We can sign the papers and everything else, you can send it to us.” The blonde explained. She fished out a calling card and gave it to the nun. “Here’s my card, you can call me with this number and send the necessary documents to this address. We’ll pay for the shipping.”

The nun eyed the three as she received it and looked at the card.



She looked back at the three and found it was useless to explain things to them. She saw that they were very determined to adopt the little boy. So, she fished out the adoption papers from a drawer and had the three of them sign the papers. She would follow their advice, rather Tsunade’s advice, and just send them the documents over to them.

“I guess everything’s okay. You can take him now. Please, take good care of him? He's very polite and he's a fast learner. The youngers ones seem to attach to him and so does the older kids.” the nun said, filing the adoption papers. “I don’t know why these people gave up such a sweet little boy. They seem that they could take care of 5 children.”

“Don’t worry, we will. Thank you for your help.” Tsunade said, smiling at the nun. The three left the office and nun went to sit back down.

“I do hope they’ll take care of you. You deserve to have a loving family, Harry Potter.”


The three went back to where they met the little boy and saw him comforting the smaller ones who were crying. “C’mon. Stop cwying. The othews awe still hewe. I’ll come and visit you soon.” He said and looked up at them with hopeful eyes.

Tsunade nodded at him with a smile. The little boy smiled back and turned back at the younger ones. “See? I’ll come and visit. I pwomise. Now don’t cwy anymowe.” He said soothingly to them. The younger ones stopped their crying but they were still sniffling.

“We’ll miss you around here, Harry.” An older boy said. “Don’t forget to write to us too.”

“It’s Midowi now, and I pwomise I’ll wite evewy week.” He replied. (A/N: By the way, he’ll be called Midori from now on)

“What does Mi-midowi mean?” a little girl asked.

“It means gween in Japanese.” Midori replied smiling at the little girl. He looked back at Tsunade who told him that they had to leave. “I hafta go now. They’we waiting fow me. Don’t cause too much twouble, otay?”

The little ones nodded their head and all of them said their goodbyes to him. Midori smiled at them and said his goodbyes as well and left with the three, clutching the stuffed animals to him. They led him to a silver car where Jiraiya took the driver’s seat, Orochimaru the front passenger seat and Tsunade and him at the back seat. Tsunade saw him shiver slightly, so she pulled him closer to her. Midori looked up and saw Tsunade smiling down at him. “Why don’t you go to sleep for a while. I’ll wake you up when we get there.” She said as they passed buildings upon buildings

“We’re not even back home yet and you start to coddle him.” Orochimaru sniffed.

“Oh come on Oro-chan. As if you’re not going to.” Jiraiya grinned. Orochimaru glared at him and wanted to smack him so badly but they might get into an accident.

“Urusai! Just drive baka!” he hissed at him and glared at everything he sets his eyes on grumbling about bumbling idiots who were born to piss him off.

“Once again, ignore them both.” Tsunade said glaring at the two in the front seats. Midori giggles softly and snuggled closer to the blonde haired woman. He never thought this would feel really warm and nice. He closed his eyes and hugged his stuffed animals tightly.


Jiraiya parked the car they rented and got out followed by Orochimaru at the other side. Tsunade looked down at the bundle beside her and gently shook him. “Midori-chan, we’re here.” She called softly. Midori woke up slowly, rubbing his eyes. He blinked a few times and looked around. They were at the airport. “We’re taking you back with us to Japan. That will be your new home.” Tsunade said and got out of the car followed by Midori.

“I don’t know why you brought all of this stuff with us when we stayed here for just a few days.” Jiraiya complained as he hauled two suitcases towards the entrance while Orochimaru was just carrying a small briefcase.

“You never know when we might need them.” She said as she led them to the company’s private planes. “Thank you Ojiisan. Come along Midori-chan. I know everything looks nice but we really should be going, dear.”

Midori blushed as he heard the older woman chuckled softly after that comment. He followed closely to her still looking at everything with awe. Jiraiya just grinned at him and continued to walk while dragging the suitcases. Orochimaru was…being Orochimaru, head held high as if he owns everything. Well one-third of it anyway.

They all boarded the private plane and got seated. Midori chose to sit beside Tsunade who placed a blanket on him in the middle left bench of the plane. Tsunade started to teach Midori simple Japanese words. Orochimaru sat at the right side of the plane looking through what seems to be a portfolio. Jiraiya, on the other hand chose to sit in a corner and propped his feet up on a stool, sleeping in an instant and left everything to the pilot. Being successful has its perks.

A few hours passed and soon they landed on Narita Airport. They were greeted by an old man. “Welcome back, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Orochimaru. I trust everything went well?” He said. Jiraiya greeted him loudly while Orochimaru just nodded at the old man.

“It’s so good to be back, Sarutobi-sama.” Tsunade said with a smile, for a while forgetting Midori until the small boy clutched onto her skirt. “Oh sorry Miodri-chan. Sarutobi-sama, this is Midori-chan. Say hello Midori.”

The little boy picked behind her legs and shyly smiled at the older man. “K-Konnichiwa, Sarutobi-sama.” He greeted meekly. The old man smiled back at him, bowing his head slightly.

“Let’s discuss it later. For now, I think it’s time for you four to come home.” He said and led the four towards the limo. Tsunade looked down at Midori, smiling.

“Okaeri nasai Midori-chan!”

Chapter 2: 13 Years Later...

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Great Hall.

The Order of the Phoenix was having a meeting and it seems it wasn’t going too well. Lucius and Severus had just informed them that Voldemort had made an alliance with a group of Rank S missing-nins that called themselves, “Akatsuki”.

“One of them wiped out ten Aurors alone without the use of a wand!”

“How are we supposed fight…them?!” Frank Longbottom asked, “We don’t even know what they’re capable of doing?”

“If Malfoy and Snape didn’t loose their spy status we would’ve known that information.” James Potter said, eyeing the two ex-Slytherin.

“I do apologize if I can’t allow my spouse and our unborn child to be in danger. I’m not like you, Potter, I can’t give up their lives.” Lucius Malfoy spat. Lily gasped and James’ eyes widen but both Potters remained silent. Sirius Black-Malfoy stood up and walk/waddled out of the Great Hall with Remus Lupin-Snape right behind him.

“That’s not fair Malfoy! You know why they had to do it.” Molly Weasley interjected. Lucius Malfoy turned his attention to the redheaded woman. He was surprised to hear that from a woman who raised seven children in a small house living off with the low salary of her husband.

“James is right though, Lucius. Sirius could’ve taken care of himself. He was, after all, an Auror.” Dumbledore tried to reason. Lucius glared at the old Headmaster.

“Let me clear something to you, Dumbledore, and to the rest of you lot, the only reason why I’m still a part of this little…club…is because of my husband. Don’t give me another to make me persuade my husband otherwise.” Lucius said in a dangerous, low voice. He eyed each and every member then stopping at the Potters and Dumbledore, glaring at them and with that he left.

“Once a Slytherin always a Slytherin.” Someone said from among them.

“It’s better than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Rather in Gryffindor. You wouldn’t be able to tell when they would turn their back on you, isn’t that right, Potter?” Severus drawled looking at the James and Lily. Seeing everyone had become silent, he stood and said, “I guess this meeting has adjourned. We will be in my quarters, but I don’t think we’ll be able to attend to any of you.”


“Damn hormones. I’m reduced to tears just remembering about Harry.” Sirius said, trying to stop the tears that kept rolling down his cheeks. He wiped them with the handkerchief Remus gave him while the werewolf was stroking his back comfortingly.

“Don’t worry, Siri, we will find him.” Remus said. Sirius looked at his best friend with hopeful eyes. “I still can’t believe they would do something like that, to their own son.”


After a year long mission, they’re finally back in England. Just in time for the triplets’ fourth birthday. Sirius and Remus had bought their gifts and they were looking forward to see the three. They rode Sirius’ motorcycle and arrived at Potter Manor. Little kids, muggle and wizard, with balloons and party hats were running all over the place when they entered the manor. They were greeted by Lily and James and the four had caught up with things. They were also greeted by the other guests who knew them including Albus Dumbledore who had left early.

“We’re so glad you came back safely. We were so worried when we didn’t here anything from you.” Lily said sincerely.

“Yeah, glad to have you back. The kids will be so thrilled.” James said with a smile.

“We miss the kids too. Where are they?” Remus asked. Just then, Orlando who’s the spitting image of James, and Katherine, who looks exactly like Lily, came bounding to the room.

“Unca Paddy! Unca Moony!” they both exclaimed and threw themselves at their godfathers.

“Hey Orly! Kitty Kat! How are you two? We have special treats for you!” Sirius said as he pointed towards the pile of gifts. Remus smiled at the two and looked back at the Potter couple.

“Where’s little Harry?” he asked.

“Well, he’s…” James started but he was interrupted when someone called for the two older Potters. They both excused themselves and attended to their other guests. Remus frowned at this and decided to turn his attention to the other two Potter kids.

“Kathy? Where’s your little brother, Harry?” Remus asked.

“Harry? He’s not here.” Katherine said nonchalantly. “What’d you get me, Unca Remus?”

“What do you mean he’s not here?” Sirius asked this time, looking at the two.

“Mommy and Daddy gave him away.” Orlando answered. Sirius looked at Remus then back at the Potter kids.

“Why don’t you two play with your friends. We’ll just talk to your mom and dad.” Remus said, smiling down at the two. They both nodded and went to look for their friends. “You don’t think…”

“We’ll find that out.” Sirius said as they both headed towards the Potter couple. “Lily, James, where’s Harry?”

“Why don’t we talk ins-…” James started but he was interrupted.

“Where is he?” Sirius persisted.

“Please, Sirius. This is the kids’ birthday party.” Lily said with pleading eyes. Sirius looked at Remus who nodded at him. The black-haired man grudgingly consented and the four went inside the house once more. Remus and Sirius looked at them expectantly. “Why don’t you two sit down?”

“We prefer to stand, thank you.” Remus said politely. Lily looked at her husband, wondering what to say to their long time friends.

“We had him up for adoption.” James blurted out.

“WHAT?!” Sirius exclaimed as he stared wide-eyed at the Potter couple. Sweet little Harry, their cub, was gone.

“How could you?” Remus exclaimed.

“Please try and understand, we can’t take care of him. We have to focus our energy towards Orlando and Katherine.” Lily said, feeling rather sad with the way things were going.

“How could you not?! He’s your SON?!” Remus said, never had he felt so much anger in all his life, especially towards his BEST FRIENDS.

“We don’t want him turning out like Petunia. You know? Lily’s sister? She resented Lily because their parents were more focused on Lily because she’s a witch.” James tried to reason out.

“You could’ve given him to us?! We would’ve taken care of him!” Remus said.

“You know the ministry wouldn’t allow it. And how do you know of taking care of a child?” James said without really thinking.

Sirius’ eyes widen in surprise. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Is this James Potter? Their best friend? “I’ve heard enough. We’re going Remus.” Sirius said without sparing another glance at the couple as he stormed out of Potter Manor followed by Remus. Lily tried to call them back but her cries fell on deaf ears.

The two didn’t waste a single moment and began to search for Harry.

.:End of Flashback:.

Lucius and Severus both entered the Potions Master’s quarters and saw Remus hugging the still distraught, pregnant animagus. Remus looked at Lucius, who nodded and approach the two. Remus took it as a sign and let go of his best friend then went over to his own husband. Lucius sat beside Sirius and hugged him. “I’m sorry if I've upset you, love. But I had to make a point.” Lucius explained. He heard the other sniffled.

“It’s okay, Lucius. It’s just the hormones.” Sirius replied.

“Hormones or not, I’m still sorry.” The blonde man said. “Don’t worry, we’ll find him. I swear to you on my life.”

Severus placed an arm around Remus’ waist, a sign that he will help fulfill that promise. Even though they were looking for a Potter spawn. Severus looked at his friend who looked back at him. “Why don’t you take the mutt to your rooms, Lucius.” The dark-haired professor suggested which earned him a glare from his husband. Lucius just smirked at his friend as he led the animagus to their rooms while Sirius was still oblivious to the professor’s insult.

Remus sat back down on the couch and sighed. “Please don’t call him mutt, Sev.” Remus said, “What did Albus say after we left? Does he have some sort of plan to counter those attacks?”

“No. After Lucius made some things clear to them, we both left. But knowing that old coot, he’s going to play fire with fire.” The potions professor answered.

“Severus Snape, you’re as bad as Sirius when it comes to name-calling. Admit it, you have a lot in common with Sirius.” Remus chuckled which earned him a glare from Severus.

“The only thing I have in common with that mutt is that we both hate each other.” He said with huff. “And the reason why I’m tolerating him is because of you.”

Remus smiled and stood up. He approached his frowning husband and gave him a peck on the lips. “Let’s go to bed.”


Tokyo, Japan. Konoha Studios.

“Great job guys!” Umino Iruka, a producer under KS, said through the microphone, his voice resounding throughout the recording room. “You can have the rest of the day. But you have to be back before seven. And can you please refrain from revealing your identities? I’ll ground you for a year if I ever see any of your pictures on the tabloids. I mean it!”

“We’re not kids anymore Iruka-san.” Uchiha Sasuke, the lead guitarist of Sealed Curse, said as he set his guitar near the amplifier. Iruka just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Do we have anything else to do, Kakashi-san?” Hyuuga Neiji, the bassist, asked as he places his bass guitar in its case. Hatake Kakashi, manager of Sealed Curse, was sitting on the couch; half of his face was covered by a black cloth as well as his left eye.

“You’re schedule’s clear so you can do whatever you want.” He said as his visible eye was glued to his little orange book with the title “Icha Icha Paradise”. A few minutes of silence passed as the band members and staff fix their things for break. Kakashi closed his book, stood up and walked towards Iruka. By that time, the band was piling out of the recording booth. Just then, two figures entered the recording room. Kakashi and Iruka greeted them both who greeted them back.

“Oh good, we came here on time.” Uzumaki Kyuubi sighed in relief.

“I told you didn’t I? It’s a good thing we take didn't your ‘short cut’ this time.” Haruno Shukaku said. Seeing that the room was beginning to get cramped, the redhead pulled his golden-eyed friend outside of the room. “We’ll wait for you guys outside.”

“Well, Iruka-chan and I are going out.” Kakashi said as he snaked his arm around the other’s waist.

“Keep your dirty claws off of Iruka-nii, you hentai!” Uzumaki Naruto, who plays rhythms, shouted as he pointed an accusing finger at their one-eyed manager to which Kakashi chuckled

“Naruto-kun!” Iruka exclaimed as he blushed bright red. Just then Haruno Sakura’s, lead guitarist of Rozen Maiden, pink head appeared behind the door. She looked for her twin brother who was talking to Neiji. Haruno Gaara, drummer of Sealed Curse, waved at his sister as he and Neiji went out of recording room.

“Neiji-niisan, Gaara-san.” Hyuuga Hinata, Vocalist of Rozen Maiden, greeted when she saw them. Neiji nodded at her and saw the rest of their bandmates piling out, Fei Tenten, the drummer, her best friend, Sabaku Temari, the bassist and Yamanaki Ino, the keyboardist. Their manager, Sarutobi Kurenai stepped out as well. She saw her husband, Sarutobi Asuma, manager of Specialized, coming towards her. He leaned down and gave her a peck on the lips.

“Kurenai-san, Asuma-san, are you two going out for lunch too?” Iruka asked as he saw the couple with Kakashi in tow.

“Yeah. Wanna come and join us?” Kurenai said. Iruka nodded with a smile and elbowed Kakashi before he protested. Just then, a green clad man with bowl cut hair approached them.

“Kakashi! My eternal rival! Let us have a duel!” Maito Gai, a producer of KS, exclaimed as he did his Nice Guy Pose. All of the adults just shook their head.

“We’re just about to go to lunch, do you want to come with us, Gai-san?” Iruka asked nicely which earned him a round of groans from the three.

“I would love to, Iruka-san!” he once again and exclaimed and the five adults left for their lunch, passing by Inuzuka Kiba, vocalist of Specialized, his boyfriend, Aburame Shino, the bassist and their lead guitarist, Sabaku Kankurou

“Even after so long, that guy still gives me the creeps. No offense Lee.” Kiba said to the carbon copy of Maito Gai, Maito Lee, keyboardist. Beside him was Akimichi Chouji, drummer of Specialized, munching on his chips and Nara Shikamaru, on rhythms, looking as if he’ll fall asleep at any given time. If it weren’t for Ino, he would have slept on the floor.

“None taken.” Lee said flashing them his Nice Guy Smile. He went over to his pink haired girlfriend and gave her a peck on the cheek as he wrapped an arm around her waist. “Hello Sakura-san.”

Sakura smiled at her boyfriend and turned back to her brother. “So you guys wanna come?” she asked, “We’re all going to the mall. We can have lunch and go our separate ways after, if you want.”

“Yeah, sure.” Gaara answered. He turned around and called for his best friend, Naruto who was dragging his own boyfriend, Sasuke. The red-haired told them about the plan and the blonde immediately agreed. Sasuke just shrugged. Naruto turned his head and called for his brother.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” someone called back as they exited the recording room. A figure with long, jet black hair tied in a pony-tail, a pair of emerald green eyes behind a pair of black rimmed glasses and tanned skin stood before them. “Gomenasai, Naruto-kun.”

“Daijoubu! C’mon, let’s go!” the blonde exclaimed.

Uzumaki Midori, vocalist of Sealed Curse and brother of Naruto and Kyuubi, nodded at the blonde and followed the rest of them.
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